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Given the Reliance Facebook Deal, both Reliance and Facebook through Whatsapp could potentially use the market dominance gained in the telecom and social networking services to create dominance in the e-commerce market.

Reliance Facebook Deal vis-à-vis the Controversial Farmers’ Bills 2020

Reliance Facebook Deal - Background The Modi government’s ideology visibly encompasses towards privatization and pro-corporatization. The recent farmers' bills set in motion by the NDA...
Serious concerns have been raised regarding the Facebook propaganda to serve political campaigns.

Facebook’s Endgame – Producing Flawed Democracy?

Lately, Facebook has been accused of imparting partisanship. The social media Giant has also been earlier accused of manifesting partiality by the U.S President...
Facebook India's head, Ajit Mohan, claims that the WSJ's article on the company is inaccurate and without any merit.

Indian Facebook Executive, Das – Awesh Tiwari Brawl: Alarmed Das Accuses Tiwari of Intimidation

Earlier, Journalist Awesh Tiwari, posted a review in Hindi, summarizing a fresh report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). To explain, the report highlighted...
The hearing, titled “Online Platforms and Market Power, Part 6: Examining the Dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google” was part of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee’s ongoing 13-month Antitrust Investigation.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – Tech’s Top CEOs Face Congress in Antitrust Hearing

A rare public showdown between Congress and the CEOs of tech’s biggest companies in antitrust hearing took place on Wednesday, July 29 at 12...
Google CEO Sundar Pichai on 13 July 2020 addressed the sixth annual edition of "Google for India" virtual event and announced a huge digitisation fund.

Following Investments from Intel, Facebook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai Announces $10 Billion Fund to...

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai on 13 July 2020; addressed the sixth annual edition of "Google for India" virtual event and announced a...

Was Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ Campaign a Strategy?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is known as a malicious kind of cyber-attack that can bring down any website. It floods the websites with...

Justice Akil Kureshi: How India Rewards Compliance Over Merit

"Do not worry if the pace of the journey may sometimes seem slow but definitely worry if the direction is wrong.”- Akil Kureshi Akil Kureshi...


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Modern Day Book Burning a.k.a Internet Shutdowns

The internet has become an indispensable element in our society for all the obvious reasons. For the majority of users, not a single day...
WhatsApp: not secure anymore

WhatsApp: How private are your chats?

WhatsApp, not a safe handle anymore! Does that shock you? When you get to know that your messages, photos, and videos over the Facebook-owned...
According to the not-for-profit organization, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), between 1992 and 2017, 28 journalists were murdered in a premeditated or spontaneous act in direct relation to their work in India.

Journalism: The Most Dangerous Profession In India

An instance of Media Massacre: On his Facebook profile, a journalist working for a Kanpur-based newspaper, wrote on June 14,2020 that an illegal construction...

Lacunae in States’ Regulations and Health Infrastructure for Battling COVID-19: Incidents and Insights

India is indeed hypnotised by the baby steps it is taking to cope with COVID-19. Yet, there always remained certain loopholes, that haunt the...

Delhi Police Detains NLU Delhi Student and Worker, Protesting For Reinstatement Of Safai Karamcharis

The Delhi Police supposedly detained a student of the National Law University, Delhi and a worker; who had assembled outside the campus, demanding to...

How far has India reached in the global marathon of Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword that can make people imagine situations that are beyond the capabilities of technology. There is consensus among countries...
The heart-wrenching visuals of the elephant taking its last breaths were first posted by a forest officer in the area.

Maneka Gandhi Mocks State Government for the Infamous Death of Pregnant Elephant in Kerala

On June 3 2020, the former BJP minister and an animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi mocked the Communist Party led-Kerala Government for the heinous...
As per the notification released by the CLAT Consortium, the last date of application stands extended to July 1, 2020.

COVID-19 Lockdown: CLAT 2020 Postponed, Application Date Extended

The Executive Committee of the Consortium of National Law Universities met on 18th May, 2020 to review the impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on the...
Advocate Kapil Sibal assured the court that Whatsapp shall not expand or start its payments service; without receiving clearance from the RBI.

WhatsApp Assures Not to Start Payment Services Until RBI Approves

WhatsApp Inc. has assured the Supreme Court that it would not start its payment services in India without fulfilling all the regulations in India. It...

Chairman of Minorities Commission Booked for Sedition

Advocate Siddharth Acharya filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. The petition sought action against Zafar-ul-Islam Khan, the chairman of the Delhi Minorities...

Homophobia: A black Spot on the Rainbow Flag

'Homophobia is the act of victimizing a person emotionally, physically, sexually, or verbally because they are transgender .' Hate speech directed at transgenders and...

A battle against Infodemic: How reliable is your source?

“We are not just fighting an epidemic; we are fighting an infodemic. Fake news spreads faster and more easily than this virus, and is...

Contribution of Social Media to Social Unrest

In light of the tumultuous events that unfolded in the Capital of India, it is pertinent to acknowledge the role of social media in...

Data Dominance: Can Data adversely affect competition in market?

Digitalization of things has maximized the utility and importance of Data for the development of products, processes and forms of organization. This is because...

Central Banks Digital Currency : A brief overview

The idea of a digital currency emerged as early as 1983 but no one could successfully cross the technological barriers. In 2008-2009, these technical...

Fact or Fake? The menace of spread of misinformation

Amidst the tension following the spread of the infamous coronavirus, there was a news piece doing rounds of Whatsapp groups and Instagram stories. The headline read,...
The First Step Towards #Justiceforsushant

The First Step Towards #JusticeforSushant

What people most often forget is, India is at the end of the day a democracy. Whenever there shall be bouts of autocratic rule...

TRAI in Favour of Net Neutrality

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Monday issued the 'Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services Regulations, 2016' that does not allow service...

Privacy Please.

In India, banter between strangers such as exchanging names, occupations, family details, incomes and even marital status, is not unusual but has relatively low...

Free Basics and Net Neutrality in India: A Blessing?

In every society each person requires some basic services which makes life comfortable and these basics are expected to be accessible to all. For...

The strategy of ‘Differential Pricing’

From past few months, a burning issue for everyone in this country has been Net Neutrality. Some people support it whereas others don’t. But,...

Free Basics – An Expensive Proposition

Most people living in India and who have access to Facebook, newspapers or even television commercials have heard of the term ‘Free Basics’ and many might...