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The complaint urges the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to commence the investigation of the situation.

ICC Complaint Calls Out Director General of WHO for “Crime Against Humanity”

On May 29, 2020, in view of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE) filed a complaint before the...
The petitioner urged the court to direct the Central Government for Compensation for all the aggrieved families.

Petition in SC Seeks Compensation for Families of Migrants Who Died Walking Home Amid...

Advocate Deepak Kansal sought compensation for the families of persons who died or suffered injuries while walking back to their homes amid lockdown; vide...
Tis Hazari Courts relied on the judgment while deciding on the case.

Tis Hazari Courts Denies Bail to COVID Patient Who Tried to Escape Quarantine, Beat...

Tis Hazari Courts rejected the bail application of a patient who showed symptoms of COVID-19 virus. He was arrested as he tried to escape...
The Law Professor Who Goes Beyond The Law

The Law Professor in Delhi Who Goes Beyond The Law

You hear a myriad of things when you're about to start your journey into a law school, but no one reveals the deep dark...
Justice Sanjay Karol

Justice Sanjay Karol: The Common Man’s Judge

The mysterious ways of the collegium Not long ago, in September 2021, the Supreme Court of India’s Collegium made thirteen recommendations for the transfer of...
Justice Indrajit Mahanty

Justice Indrajit Mahanty: Slipping Through The Cracks

In-house Inquiry Against Justice Mahanty It is clear from a review of the material that the charges against him (Indrajit Mahanty) are very serious and...

Justice Rajesh Bindal: A Tale of Competence and Caution

Narada Bribery Case In 2014, Tehelka news’ Mathew Samuel went undercover as a high-ranking official of Impex Consultancy Solutions, a fictitious Chennai-based company. The extensive...

Justice Ravi Shankar Jha: How Power Structures keep the Judiciary on its toes

Becoming a High Court Judge in India The dream of becoming a High Court judge in India is a challenging one. As of July 2021,...

Justice Akil Kureshi: How India Rewards Compliance Over Merit

"Do not worry if the pace of the journey may sometimes seem slow but definitely worry if the direction is wrong.”- Akil Kureshi Akil Kureshi...
Justice Hima Kohli: First Woman Chief Justice of Telangana

Justice Hima Kohli: A Self-Made Woman in a Man’s World

A Gender-Imbalanced Judiciary As of February 2018, the total number of judges in India’s lower judiciary was approximately 15,959. Out of these judges, about 11,397...

The case of Aruna Shanbaug that changed the Euthanasia laws in our country

It is my Belief that death is a friend to whom we should be grateful, for it frees us from the manifold ills which...
Justice D Y Chandrachud

Justice D Y Chandrachud’s path-breaking Verdict in the Sabarimala Case of 2018

“Will the quest for equality and fraternity be denuded of its content where women continue to be treated as children of a lesser god...
LGBTQ community

After repealing section 377, its time to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage in India

A draconian, archaic law that criminalized homosexuality was struck down in a historic judgment given by the Supreme Court in 2018. Two years after...

Modern Day Book Burning a.k.a Internet Shutdowns

The internet has become an indispensable element in our society for all the obvious reasons. For the majority of users, not a single day...
Dr. Kafeel Khan wrote to UNHRC

Letter to UNHRC – Dr Kafeel Khan, Punished Because He’s Muslim

Kafeel Khan, a doctor by profession and a social activist has been targeted by Yogi Government since 2017, in 3 years he had been...

Prison Life In India and its Aftermath

Everyone prays to never see the bars of prison in their lifetime. Yet, as fickle as life is, it is quite hard to predict...
WhiteHat Jr.

Decoding WhiteHat Jr.’s Coding Face ‘Wolf Gupta’

Digital learning has taken a new turn in India – this time with coding classes as a niche for 6-year-olds. With the shutting of...
WhatsApp: not secure anymore

WhatsApp: How private are your chats?

WhatsApp, not a safe handle anymore! Does that shock you? When you get to know that your messages, photos, and videos over the Facebook-owned...

Mumbai Floods: Causes And The Aftermath

Mumbai meri jaan! A phrase which typically every Mumbaikar has heard of or used at least once in their life. Well, Mumbai (formerly known...
Aarey Forest Controversy

Aarey Forest Controversy

Maharashtra Government led by Uddhav Thackeray had set down the previous orders of the Tree Authority under BMC to construct a metro shed at...


It is undeniable that NGO's are of prime importance in our society. There are a plethora of reasons for that and if I...

Farm Bills passed amidst heavy uproar

The Parliament of India has passed the highly contended Farm Bills. These bills stirred up trouble and were uninvited by the farmers. Bandhs, Roadblocks...
ASHA Workers at the protest.

ASHA: Frontline Workers Sidelined by Authorities in COVID-19

An accredited social health activist, commonly referred to as ASHA; refers to a community health worker the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare instituted as a part...
In the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police, the communal riot incident in February was "pre-planned' by Umar Khalid and others.

Umar Khalid -Mastermind Behind the Delhi riots, 2020?

In New Delhi, a human rights activist and former Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student, Umar Khalid, was arrested by the Police's special cell under...
Given the Reliance Facebook Deal, both Reliance and Facebook through Whatsapp could potentially use the market dominance gained in the telecom and social networking services to create dominance in the e-commerce market.

Reliance Facebook Deal vis-à-vis the Controversial Farmers’ Bills 2020

Reliance Facebook Deal - Background The Modi government’s ideology visibly encompasses towards privatization and pro-corporatization. The recent farmers' bills set in motion by the NDA...
The Rajya Sabha on 20 September 2020, passed two agricultural bills despite huge backlash from farmers of various states.

Farmers Reforms 2020 – The Outrage Explained

The Rajya Sabha on 20 September 2020 passed two agricultural bills despite huge backlash from farmers of various states. The Lok Sabha had passed these bills on 17 September 2020. The Centre had promulgated three ordinances on June 25 which is the cause of these protests. After the beginning of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, the government introduced three Bills to replace these ordinances.

GDP and Income Inequality

India's economy is often categorized as an emerging one. Our government, in 1991, took drastic steps to liberalize its economy and encourage the role of...
According to the not-for-profit organization, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), between 1992 and 2017, 28 journalists were murdered in a premeditated or spontaneous act in direct relation to their work in India.

Journalism: The Most Dangerous Profession In India

An instance of Media Massacre: On his Facebook profile, a journalist working for a Kanpur-based newspaper, wrote on June 14,2020 that an illegal construction...
the indian medicine central council amendment bill 2020

The Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill 2020: A Critical Analysis

Union Minister for Health Harsh Vardhan speaks in Rajya Sabha on Friday, Sept. 18, 2020. Photo Credits: PTI The monsoon parliament that took place amidst...

How To Use The Official Secrets Act The Wrong Way

In Mumbai, Mukesh Singh, a second year LLB student was booked under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) as he was video graphing the Wadala...