Supreme Court Issues Directions in Investigation of the Death of NLU Jodhpur Student in 2017

The Supreme Court, on 8th June, agreed to hear an appeal regarding the death of a third year law student from NLU Jodhpur in August, 2017. Explicitly, the petitioner, mother of the demised, has requested the court to transfer the probe; from the Rajasthan Police to the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI).

A bench comprising of Justice R F Nariman, Navin Sinha, and BR Gavai, heard the matter via virtual conferencing. The bench issued notices to the Rajasthan Government, CBI and the other respondent to file responses to the plea filed by the petitioner, Neetu Kumar Nagaich. Moreover, they must file their replies within a period of two weeks according to the orders.

Lacunas in probe by Rajasthan Police

The petitioner questioned the manner in which the Rajasthan Police carried out the investigation. She claimed that the authorities lodged the FIR after almost 10 months after the death of her 21 year old son, Vikrant Nagaich. Notably, she calls for an independent probe against the unethical delays by the authorities. The police still have a lot to explore since they took very minimal efforts to catch the predator. She exclaims:

“There was an inescapable reasonable apprehension that the lackadaisical and negligent investigation and prosecution of the instant FIR is a result of probable collusion to shield some high, mighty and influential person(s)“.

All facts and events, raise clear suspicions that the death was apprehended, grave and serious in nature. Yet, the investigating authorities were ignorant in committing to the responsibilities. They clearly disregarded the grief of the petitioner.

State of Rajasthan to clarify reasons for regress in probe

Earlier in 2019, the petitioner approached the Rajasthan High Court to form a Special Investigation team (SIT) to investigate the matter. However, in February 2020, the court disposed of the petition and recorded submissions of the investigation agency. The petitioner pleaded that:

“The High Court has indirectly condoned the callous manner in which the authorities conducted the investigation”.

As a result, she demands that the investigation of the matter be transferred to the CBI. Appropriately, the CBI would collect all evidences regarding the incident. In addition, she mentions that the Law has denied her fairness and justice for an impartial investigation. Moreover, it has ordered the State of Rajasthan first; to put forward its reasons for the stagnancy in the probe for 3 years. The Court has fixed the matter for July 2020.

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