PIL Filed in Delhi High Court Demands Audit of Private Hospitals Built on DDA Land

Advocates Shobha Gupta, Rajesh Sachdeva, and Anubhav Singh filed a PIL before the Delhi High Court seeking forensic audit of private hospitals; including Fortis Group, Apollo Group, Max Hospital, BLK Hospital, and Manipal Hospital indulging in criminal offenses of cheating and fraud; upon their patients. To elaborate, these private hospitals are established on lands leased by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) at highly concessional rates; in exchange for providing free medical facilities to the needy and poor. However, allegedly, they have been charging unreasonable amounts from needy patients.

The Petitioners contend these hospitals generate enormous revenue every year. Therefore, such revenue should be utilized in the treatment of COVID-19 patients; free or minimum cost for the poor and needy persons.

Secondly, the plea also states that Private hospitals have made private arrangements with Charitable Trusts to commercialize their hospitals. The Petitioners state these trusts have a private collaboration agreement with the private hospitals; acting as concealment of transmission of huge amounts of money for personal purposes.

Highlighting that the State remains obligated to keep regular surveillance upon the management of such hospitals and their funds; since the state has given the land to private hospitals for free or on minimal charges. Consequently, the petitioner not only seeks accounts of all the monies received; but also seeks the constitution of a committee to inspect and audit their account and management.

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