Supreme Court Allows NHRC’s Petition Concerning Miseries of Migrants

The National Human Rights Commission filed an application before the Supreme Court. It was concerning the plight of migrant workers; stranded in different parts of the country due to nationwide lockdown. The application sought intervention and issuance of directions along with the admission of the writ petition filed by the Commission. Notably, the Supreme Court admitted the intervention application of the Commission. Furthermore, the commission has sought directions from the court concerning the implementation of its short term and long term measures. These measures aim to avoid the human rights violation of the poor.

Measures listed by the Commission

The Commission has listed both short-term and long-term measures in order to reduce the sufferings of the migrant workers; for the better and effective management of the inflow and outflow of migrants from the states. These measures include collecting data of migrant workers at the point of departure in the originating States as well on arrival in the destination States; it will help the states to effectively plan quarantine and relief measures for them.

Moreover, proper implementation of Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act,1979, so as to provide them with a journey allowance; availability and accessibility of menstrual hygiene products to all in need; to ensure the proper functioning of shelter homes; adequate accommodation for pregnant women, lactating mothers, children, and elderly person;  Migrant Labour Help Desk and provision for seasonal hostels for the children of migrant workers, and strengthened Anti-Human Trafficking Units for migrant workers.

Additionally, some long term measures include appointment of a commissioner to recover the employers who abandoned the laborers; a universal ration card for all the migrant workers; to create employment opportunities in the home states of the migrants. The measures also include a national portal for the registration of migrant workers to create a national database; compensation to the families who lost their near and dear while traveling et cetera. The commission is trying its level to lessen the miseries of the migrant workers and avoid any further human rights violations of these poor people.

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