Petition in Madhya Pradesh High Court Seeks Redressal Against Growing ‘Communalism’ in the Police Force

A petition filed in the Madhya Pradesh High Court seeks the formation of a committee; that would address the rising ‘communalism’ within the State’s police force. Deepak Bundela, a practicing advocate of the High Court filed this plea. He further seeks the constitution of a ‘Police Complaints Authority’ so as to address similar issues in the future.

The ‘Communalism’ Variable

Bundela moved the High Court with the help of Adv. Ehtesham Hashmi. The incident took place when the victim was heading towards a pharmacy to purchase medicines; the police officers stopped him suddenly on the pretense of Section 144, the power which was abused, since it wasn’t applicable in the situation. This law is currently active in the State. He was then assaulted brutally. One of the guilty parties, Kapil Saurashtra, being a staunch Hindu, was an active participant in the assault. Furthermore, two policemen on the pretext of taking a statement from the victim, intimidated him to drop this case. The police officers revealed to the victim that they beat him up on the assumption that he was a Muslim.

The Charge

The petitioner has demanded that action be taken against the concerned parties on violation of Article 15(1) of the Constitution. Furthermore, he has sought punishment for violation of various sections of the IPC including Sections 323, 324, 341, 293 and 506. In addition he seeks remedy for violation of his Section 144 CrPC; wherein, he was wrongfully constrained. Additionally, a prayer has been made for his protection and registration of his FIR, which remains pending.

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