Legal Notice Issued Against South-East Delhi DM for Unreasonably Sealing COVID-Free Nizamuddin Village

President of Hazrat Nizamuddin Village Residents Welfare Association (RWA) Yusuf Khan, served a legal notice to Harleen Kaur, District Magistrate of South East Delhi through Advocate Mehmood Pracha. The notice, particularly, covers the unreasonable sealing of  Hazrat Nizamuddin village as a containment zone. It emphasises that the officials sealed the village as a containment zone for more than 65 days despite having no COVID-19 positive cases.

“Nizamuddin village must be de-sealed”, writes Advocate Pracha

The notice aggrieves that:

The South East Delhi DM sealed the village in pursuance of a deep rooted conspiracy to defame the Muslim community without any justified reason.

Moreover, heavy police patrolling and CRPF deployment has petrified the Muslim Community, especially the youth in the area. In addition, the containment has damaged the lives of the people. It has left them starving and financially unstable. The society have blatantly termed the village residents as “Corona spreaders” and thus socially boycotted. Thus, it has caused them mental, financial and social trauma.

The notice exclaims that the Nizamuddin village is home to 20000 people and there are no COVID-positive cases as of today. In fact, in other areas, authorities only seal the building or the street with the COVID-positive case. This, according to the notice, is immoral and unjust.

In conclusion, Advocate Pracha demands that the DM establishes evidence that claims the reasonability of such prolonged sealing. “If the authority fails to do so, the area must be de-sealed”, he adds.

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