It is undeniable that NGO’s are of prime importance in our society. There are a plethora of reasons for that and if I had to list a few, it would be the following:

i) They provide opportunities for the self – organization of a society.

ii) It opens the doors for communication; informing the government about the needs of the local people and vice – versa.

iii) They also enable the citizens to work together voluntarily which automatically instills a sense of duty into them towards the society.

Hence, working in an NGO or any kind of an organization is beneficial in innumerable ways. If you all are feeling bad that you haven’t had the experience of volunteering in an organization, then no worries at all! That is because we have an opportunity right here.

The Learn on Call organization is an initiative by the Sampoorna Shiksha which aims to bring together the volunteers, with the spirit of teaching and the students with the enthusiasm to learn. This initiative is focused on the skill development of the participants.

Teach students spoken English on call

What is Sampoorna Shiksha?

The Sampoorna Shiksha is a patron project of Pagaria welfare foundation and is an education platform by like minded people for education and skill development projects, so that every child can become a great student and fulfill his dreams.

The five pillars of this foundation are: education, skill development, career and jobs, scholarships and volunteering.

To know more about this platform watch the video below:

”If you can speak, you can influence, if you can influence you can change lives”.

The Learn on Call organization is a perfect opportunity for you all to create a difference in the lives of the people. According to certain facts and figures, 10-12% percent of population in India speak English. The 90% of population in rural India doesn’t speak English. Lastly 8/10 vernacular speaking students know the language but aren’t able to speak fluently.

Now, this is what learn in call exactly intends to do. The volunteers are supposed to teach basic spoken English, which will help people speak the language confidently and comfortably.


The standard material will be provided as guidelines to conduct the session. The duration of the call will be one hour per week or 30 minutes twice a week. The total duration would be 15 weeks. The medium of the call is strictly confined to audio and video call is not permitted on any platforms.

it is going to be a one on one call and the volunteers are the ones who would be initiating the same. The location and timings of the call is completely up to their discretion. It can be done anywhere, anytime as per their convenience.

Now, there are certain instructions which have to be followed as a volunteer for this organization.


1. Be regular at your call sessions.
2. Be emphatic – try and understand the background of the students.
3. Be a mentor and guide and respect the child’s pace of learning.
4. All the questions should be answered in English.(including the questions asked by the
5. The volunteers should be the ones to initiate the call, as it is free for the students.
6. Impart values- the sessions should be instrumental in developing the
overall personality of the individual.


ย 1. No video call – as mentioned earlier, the call has to be done through an audio and a video call is not allowed at any platform.
2. Other subjects – the students may ask you for help in other subjects, kindly do not entertain such doubts.
3. No pressure – do not pressurize the students to speak up, instead be flexible and try to make them comfortable.
4. No opinions – Do not be judgmental about the students’ background. Go easy on them.
5. No monetary help – DO NOT offer any monetary assistance to the students irrespective of the circumstances. The volunteers can simply contact the organization if such type of a situation comes up.


THEME – a particular theme would be assigned for every class and the volunteers and the students have to discuss about the same.

ACTIVITIES – There would also be certain games, role plays and various other activities so that the session would be interactive and fun.

VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR – New words and concepts would be introduced every week.

HOMEWORK – The students would be asked to do certain assignments for practice and their betterment.

STORY TELLING – there would also be story telling; short and simple ones during the session.

A Time table for the course has also been prepared by the organization which needs to be followed.

WEEK 1: Introduction
WEEK 2: Daily Activities
WEEK 1: Festivals
WEEK 2: Travel/Transport
WEEK 3: Movies/T.V. etc.
WEEK 4: Hobbies
WEEK 5: Revision
WEEK 1: Friends
WEEK 2: General Knowledge
WEEK 3: India
WEEK 4: Dreams
WEEK 5: Revision

To have a more detailed understanding about the entire program and its syllabus you can watch the video below:

We request the readers to volunteer for this organization in huge numbers, as it would be advantageous to not just to the society but also to them as it would expose them to diverse number of people living in their society.

For registering as a volunteer here is the link for the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQ3or8Dq5dAgqjoC4Q5Mp5ruqut6smSCoW6fUpOXgOiHW0xg/viewform.

(Certain questions have been asked please read it carefully and answer the same.)


  1. Applicable to all age groups: anyone can participate as a volunteer or enroll as a student.
  2. Simple and Easy: there isnt any requirement of a professional skill.there would also be no fuss about technology as such since all it needs is a simple phone call.
  3. Wonderful opportunity: this is an intellectually stimualting programme and hence proves to be impactful.

In addition to that, after the completion of the course the volunteers would be given a certificate, which would be sent on the respective email id of the volunteers.

Last but not the least, coming to the core of the organization that is the mentor and the team who are responsible its functioning.

Mr. Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy – The Pencil Man of UAE. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of school supplies for charity within a duration of 24 hours. He has also been featured in the Happy Dubai coffee table book and the good deeds coffee table books.

Some of the members of the team are Vaidehi Pagaria who is a social leader and a chartered accountant, Lata Srinivasan and Pushpa Subramaniam who are educators for a cause.

It has been rightly said,

”For attempting to teach others,is sometimes the best way of teaching ourselves.”

(The life and adventure of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe).

So what are you waiting for. REGISTER NOW!!!

(Click on the above text for the website of the organization and to know about the experience of the volunteers.)

About the Author

Siddhi Shetty
I am a second year law student studying at Rizvi law college. I would describe myself as an extremely hardworking person who has an avid interest in the field of law. My parents have always tried to instill a sense of duty into me towards the society and I truly believe that the society will grow if and only if we as individuals come together and contribute something towards it.

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