Failed potency tests saves the 92-year old

Failed potency tests saves the 92-year old.
Failed potency tests saves the 92-year old.

At an age where surviving itself is a crisis, Santhoshbhai found himself trapped in a greater muddle. Santhoshbhai, 92, was accused of rape by a woman who had alleged that he had overpowered her. Santhoshbhai has denied the charges saying that she had lodged the FIR with mala fide intentions of causing disrepute to his image as her services were terminated from the trust. The victim was working in the same trust where Santhoshbhai was the trustee. Single bench justice JB Pardiwala rules Santhoshbhai to be innocent citing the medical report which claimed that multiple attempts of collecting his semen had failed and that there were no signs of erection. JB Pardiwala observed that in the lights of the event, the FIR and the charges filed against the accused were false and made out of mala fide intentions to hurt the image of the accused. Meanwhile, the complainant also went under medical tests which failed to provide some solid evidence about the allegations.

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