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EX Supreme Court Justice  K.S. Panicker Radhakrishnan
EX Supreme Court Justice K.S. Panicker Radhakrishnan

The Madras High court has issued a notice to ex Supreme Court Justice judge K.S. Panicker Radhakrishnan and three others over the PETA award. The history of the events is as follows:

 Timeline: Jallikattu is an age old tradition practiced in Tamil Nadu. It is interpreted as “silver/gold coins tied on the bulls horns”

2014: Supreme Court passes a judgment in favour of PETA & AWBI, banning bull racing in the case Animal Welfare Board Of India vs A. Nagaraja & Ors

2016: The Centre rendered the ban by the Supreme Court void hence challenged by PETA and an NGO in Supreme Court.

Supreme Court dismisses Tamil Nadu’s prayer to uplift ban on Jallikattu.

 Justice K.S. Panicker Radhakrishnan, who was awarded the “MAN OF THE YEAR” award in 2015 by PETA for contributing towards safeguarding animals and their rights passed a judgment along with a bench consisting of two other judges prohibiting the Jallikattu sport in Tamil Nadu, fighting against animal cruelty being the core element of the judgment. This was a response to a petition filed by the Animal Welfare Board of India and PETA.

A petition was filed by Salai Chakrapani stating that the judge acted prejudicially and has no right to enjoy post retirement benefits, praying for giving up the award presented to him by PETA. Furthermore, the Madras High Court has issued a notice to Justice Radhakrishnan and three other judges to return the award on the basis of the petition.
The Court after hearing the petition has asked for Supreme Court  to intervene in the matter.

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