Mr. Jignesh Bhajiawala believes Directorate Enforcement exceeds Jurisdiction.
Mr. Jignesh Bhajiawala believes Directorate Enforcement exceeds Jurisdiction.

Mr. Jignesh Bhajiawala to file a plea against the investigation as he believes the Enforcement Directorate exceeds jurisdiction.

In December, 2016 Income Tax official seized old as well as new currency in crores, more than 2 kg gold, acres of land and many unaccountable property from a Surat based a tea seller turned Business, Mr. Kishor Bhajiawala, which led Enforcement Directorate to investigate further into this matter. Case of Money Laundering under Prevention of Money Laundering Act was filed against the trio- the father and two sons.

Mr. Jignesh Bhajiawala has filed a plea against the investigation done by the Enforcement Directorate, claiming that ED is exceeding the jurisdiction given to him under PMLA because according to the provisions an authority letter is required from the Centre to carry the investigation which apparently has not been done in this case. Mr. Chetan Pandya, Advocate of the Bhaijawala has filed the plea to quash the investigation on their behalf. Admitting the Plea Justice Pardiwala issued the notice to ED and next hearing date is 15th February.

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