Treatment in Government hospital entails a greater risk of failure

Having treatment in Government hospital entails a greater risk of failure
Having treatment in Government hospital entails a greater risk of failure

Approximately a year ago, four patients lost their eyesight after having their cataract operation at LG Hospital, Ahmedabad, because the operating instruments were infected by bacteria after they were dipped in Savlon Antiseptic. This case is famously known as the LG Hospital Blinding case. A petition has been moved by three manufacturers of Savlon antiseptic and a Pharmacist claiming that they have been wrongly included in this case. In the last hearing of the case, Justice Pardiwala slammed the authorities who blamed the manufacturers without proper investigation and considering this to be a negligent act of the medical staff of the hospital. Various laboratory tests have been performed on Savlon and one or the other problem was found with the medicine. The current test report was given by LG Hospital Laboratory and Justice Pardiwala expressed his concerned regarding the genuineness of the report from the Hospital because it was the same hospital where the operations were done. The turning point came in this case when the Food and Drugs Laboratory in Vadodara, a government analyst lab, gave a clean chit to the antiseptic. Justice Pardiwala expressed his grief and concern as to why such incidents take place in Government hospitals when the same antiseptic have been used by several Private medical hospitals and no such case as of now has been reported. Advocate Vishal Anandjiwala, who represents the petitioners, said that the court has ordered the ACP to investigate the case, which will be monitored by the concerned DCP, who will then submit the report in the court in a month.


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