The Law Professor in Delhi Who Goes Beyond The Law

The Law Professor Who Goes Beyond The Law
Beyond The Law: A Delhi Law School’s Tale

You hear a myriad of things when you’re about to start your journey into a law school, but no one reveals the deep dark secrets, they’re for you to find and discover. That’s what happened when I entered a prominent Delhi law school (the one which is very popular with Delhiites snd Delhi based law firms). I was new and nervous, stumbling around to find my way, and slowly started getting privy to the idiosyncrasies of my law school. This is the story of Law Professor in Delhi who goes beyond teaching.

There’s a lot people say and hear about the professors, yes no student is particularly in love with the faculty so there may be a lot scuttlebutts, but when a professor himself confirms such rumors, however subtly he does, you know there’s merit to it. Six months in, all first years had heard about a professor, let’s call him professor X who was a little too pally to the girls, but sadly it didn’t end there, he was known to have met them in informal settings, and had even been caught with students by another professor Y,  in compromising and intimate situations. There was no way to confirm it, up until that one day, when professor Y, himself confirmed our doubts in an extremely subdued manner. Professor X  has never been accused of doing anything without consent or by forcing himself on his students, but then again that doesn’t make it right. Now the not so funny thing is, our whole law school knows about it, and everyone’s aware of the seriousness of the issue, the faculty also talks about it in hushed voices, but no one takes action. We’ve only heard tales about 1-2 girls, but of course those are the only times he’s been caught, he must have tipped over the delicate line of student-teacher relationship a multitude of times. 

Sadly so, he’s still here “teaching”. 

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