The First Step Towards #JusticeforSushant

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What people most often forget is, India is at the end of the day a democracy. Whenever there shall be bouts of autocratic rule and authoritarianism, people will come together and rise up against it. Even in the smallest corners of this vast landmass, it is and always will be the rule of the people, by the people and for the people.

This fight began on the 10th of August, when a fourth year student of Amity law school, Delhi took his life. Sushant Rohilla was debarred from taking his exams, consequently was being detained for a year, due to lack of attendance. Now under ordinary circumstances this seems only fitting, since the BCI mandates 66% attendance, and Sushant had only 43% physical attendance. But no, these weren’t ordinary circumstances, professor Isheeta Rutabhasini, who was in charge of managing this whole process, twisted and moulded this rule to her advantage. A student who was in her good books, would be allowed to take the exams even if he/she didn’t have the required attendance. The rule was completely arbitrary and all was done according to the whims and fancies of this professor. Needless to say, Sushant was an excellent student involved in many moots and also the convener of the debating society of the college, there was never even a whisper of him disrespecting any teacher. But he was a victim of this tyranny, with crushed dreams and the prospect of a dreary future, Sushant took his life on the 10th of August. This was the spark that ignited the fire that burned within each student who is a part of this institution. The students along with the members of Sushant’s family, protested and fought against the tyrants tirelessly day in and day out. Today they achieved their first victory, the director, Dr. BP Singh Sehgal along with Isheeta Rutabhasini handed in their resignation. 

But the fight doesn’t end here, the need of the hour is to bring a system in place that never pushes any student to the limit Sushant was pushed to. Every student needs to be given a chance to broaden their horizons, push beyond the world of textbooks and gain hands on knowledge. The focus needs to be redirected to providing a quality education, inspiring the young minds today to learn and stimulating their sharp brains. But the sad reality is in our country, a quality education is secondary to inane rules of attendance.

Sushant’s family is now turning the wheels of justice, and are taking the matter to the court. The happenings of today, is only the first step towards justice. A bittersweet victory. 

Today, the students of ALSD united together and pushed autocracy through the window. Today, they took the first step towards justice for Sushant. Today, they celebrate their true Independence Day. Today, they won. 

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