Seth Dua & Associates’s unfortunate loss- Mr. Sunil Seth met with a road accident.

Sunil Seth
                                                                                                Mr. Sunil Seth


Mr. Sunil Seth, the Co-founder of Seth Dua & Associate met with a road accident on Manesar – Gurgaon Road and died succumbing to injuries. This unfortunate event happened on February 5th, Sunday Morning; When Seth was driving a bike with other bikers in a group and crashed with the side of barriers. He got multiple injuries even after wearing a helmet and succumbed to injuries even before he could be hospitalized. Mr. Seth was 53 year old who started Seth Dua Associates with Mr Atul Dua 19 years back. He had specialized in Cross- border transaction, Project and finance work. He was also a member of other organization like

1) Regional Representative – India,

2) International Bar Association (IBA) – Water Law Committee

3) Vice Chairman, IPBA – Energy & Natural Resources Committee,

4) Vice President, Gurgaon Chamber of Commerce & Industry,

5) Member, ASSOCHAM Trade Committee,

6) Member, FICCI Joint Business Council

Mr. Atul Dua expressed “Sunil’s loss has not only been a great loss to the profession but a personal loss for me. We have studied together since the age of 6 and started Seth Dua & Associates almost 19 years ago.”







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