Section 144 to Remain in Action in Uttar Pradesh Until May 31, 2020

The District Magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey confirmed the imposition of Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code in Ghaziabad. The Section remains in place until May 31, 2020. Section 144 gives the power to issue an order in urgent cases of a nuisance of apprehended danger. The District Magistrate issued the directive on May 6, 2020. According to the directive, the period for which Section 144 has been imposed can be altered keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation. The rest of the restrictions will apply as earlier.

The state passed the extension order in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases in Uttar Pradesh. In effect, all the public events like cultural, religious, political, sports programmes and rallies will remain prohibited till May 31, 2020. Furthermore, people will have to take prior permission to attend any marriage or funeral procession. The order highlighted that citizens above 65 and below 10, pregnant women, as well as high-risk individuals, must stay at home. They may leave their residence only in an emergency situation. Adding to it, the salons, spas, malls, movie theatres, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks will remain close. Nobody can assemble in a group of five or more on the streets. It remains strictly prohibited. Lastly, all educational institutions will also remain close in Ghaziabad.

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