Rape victim to stay with the Accused

Gujarat High Court allowed rape victim to stay with accused
ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Gujarat High Court allowed rape victim to stay with accused

A petition was moved by a girl to a lower court where she tried seeking permission of aborting her 24 weeks foetus. Being a rape survivor, she wanted to start afresh. But the lower court denied stating that pregnancy could be terminated only till the period of 20 weeks. So the girl reached the High court, to seek help, upon which, Justice Pardiwala called the accused and the victim in the Judges chamber where government officials were also present to represent their case. On being asked the complete scenario, the story turned out to be different-The girl accepted that the man did not rape her but she filed the case because her mother pressurized her thinking of society. She said that she was in love with the accused and wanted to give birth to his child and wanted to live with his family. She filed the case as a rape victim because when the incident happened she was a minor and only this provision could be attracted to file a case. On being asked the accused also accepted to take care of the victim and their child. The social welfare officer of Mahisagar district has been given the task to ensure that the baby is delivered safely and directed the government hospital authorities to take care of the baby’s health.

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