Police Watches as Three Get Lynched, NHRC Issues Notice

NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) has issued a notice to DGP, Maharashtra on 21.04.20. The notice was in effect to a complaint. The complaint was about the mob lynching of three persons in the presence of police in Palghar District on the 16.04.20. NHRC has directed the respective authorities to submit detailed reports and submit them within four weeks. They have to inform about the action taken by them against the culprits. They have to account for the relief, if any, granted to the next of kin of the deceased persons.

The commission observed that the incident indicates the negligence of public servants. The unruly mob attacked the victims in a very cruel manner. The complaint and various media reports described the details of the incident. Two victims along with the driver were going to attend a funeral. Thereafter, the mob attacked their car. They suspected them to be thieves. The video of the attack which got viral showed the presence of police personnel when the victims were attacked. The incident took place during the countrywide lockdown. At this time all the areas are under special vigilance of the administration and the police. By and large, this incident has lead to gross violation of the Right to Life of the victims.  Article 21 of the Indian Constitution provides the Right to life and personal liberty.

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