Lockdown guidelines Not To Undermine People’s Right to Life, Liberty & Dignity- NHRC

The National Human Rights Commission has asked the Centre to issue an advisory. They asked the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to issue guidelines/ advisory to all the states and Union Territories. The advisory must emphasize on the implementation of Corona lockdown guidelines. The public servants including the police personnel must behave in a sensible manner. This is especially with regard to the persons belonging to vulnerable sections like transgenders and migrant workers.

“Rahne ke liye makaan, khane ke liye roti aur pehenne ke liye kapde, this is the basic need of every human being and thatโ€™s what we needโ€ โ€“ Reshma Prasad, a transwoman.

Reasons to issue lockdown guidelines

The commission took cognizance of communication from one of its special monitors and Human Rights Activist, Ms. Maja Daruwala. Thereafter it issued the directions. She alleged that public servants sometimes act in a very harsh manner. This might be due to the tremendous pressure of effective implementation of the lockdown guidelines. In effect, they do not deal well with the people especially the ill-informed poor labourers. As a result, their rights are undermined.

While issuing the directions, the commission appreciated the efforts of government agencies. This is for sincerely working to deal with the unprecedented situation of COVID-19. It remarked that chopping off a policeman’s hand is unforgivable. It is a tough challenge for both the government and the general public. However, it found appropriate to bring the issues raised by the complainant to the notice of the central government. This is because there complaints of cruelty against the vulnerable section. These are mainly illiterate and less informed people like daily wagers et cetera. They are already facing a lot of difficulties due to deficiency of food and other facilities of themselves and their families. These people should be dealt with compassion. The commission has also taken cognizance of a complaint. It raises the issue of violation of human rights of people suffering from mental illness amid lockdown.

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