Petition in Delhi High Court Seeks Aid to Distressed Students

A petition moved in Delhi High Court by Sakshi Arora and Aditya Yadav were the petitioners. It seeks directions to the Delhi Government to formulate a scheme to help the distressed students and paying their accommodation/PG rent. Petition referred to circular dated March 29, 2020, issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. They contented it to be unclear. The government has asked the landlords to not demand rent for at least one month. In view of the COVID-19 lockdown. However, there is ambiguity about whether it has waived off the rent payable by the students or it has merely postponed such a payment. As a result, the landlords might ask for consolidated rent of two months in one go.

Petitioners highlighted that most of the students come from economically disadvantaged families. They take up tuitions and other small jobs to sort themselves. They argued that both the Central and Delhi government has failed the cause of students. Petitioners submitted that the government has announced support for the migrant workers and other professionals. But, the distressed students not given any support. Especially those who come from the families that cannot support them financially. Most of these students used to teach in coaching institutes to support themselves. But, the institutes are shut down due to nationwide lockdown. This has resulted in extreme economic distress to them. In the light of these circumstances, petitioners have asked the court to exempt the distressed students from a monthly rent of their premises rented for accommodation purposes.

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