NHRC Issues Notice to UP Government Over Medical Apathy Towards Two Expecting Women; Cites Violation of Human Rights

It seems that another gory event has dotted the landscape of Uttar Pradesh; an incident highlighting yet another example of violation of human rights. The incident in question are instances of medical apathy that two expecting women were forced to face. Hospitals, both government and private, had denied admission to both women, citing lack of medical facilities. Thus, the NHRC has observed that if the news reports are true, they raise serious issues of violation of human rights.

Fatal Mistakes

Due to an alleged paucity of beds in hospitals, they refused to admit the patients; didn’t provide timely medical treatment.ย  They finally did manage to get medical help; alas though, it was too little, too late. One of them, an eight-month pregnant woman, had to be put on ventilator after being shunned by over 8 hospitals and faced an untimely death. While another woman, a 26 year old expecting mother, had to give birth on the pavement to a still born child. Had the hospitals given her timely medical assistance, she would have given birth to a healthy baby.

The Aftermath

The state authorities have, yet again failed to ensure right to life and medical care to its citizens. As a result, the hospitals are receiving a very large number of patients and there is shortage of infrastructure. Although the spread of the COVID 19 virus is a valid argument. However, the hospitals’ denial to attend to the patients is a matter of concern. The Commission has asked the State Government whether it has issued Standard Operating Procedure to the hospitals to deal with the current situation. Furthermore, it has demanded strict compliance of the guidelines.

Additionally, the Commission has sent copies of the press clippings to the Secretary. It has also sent a copy to the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to look into the matter. They have been asked to issue specific instructions to all the States and UTs to not deny medical treatment to patients, especially ones in critical state.

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