Manipur Woman Suffers Racial Slurs & Physical Attack, NHRC Takes Cognizance

The National Human Rights Commission took suo moto cognizance of the media reports; alleging that a 20-year-old girl hailing from Manipur was subject to racial discrimination and violence. The locals from Faizapur, Gurugram attacked her while she was passing from the locality. Fortunately, some people saved her and they further informed the police. However, the Police asked the victim to compromise. Shocking, isn’t it? It is only after the victim called the North East Support Centre & Helpline, that the statement of the victim was recorded and an FIR was registered.

The National Human Rights Commission contended that the incident amounts to serious issues of human rights violations. Accordingly, it issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana, and Commissioner of Police, Gurugram. It has called for a detailed report concerning the matter within four weeks. The Commission has asked for the status of the investigation conducted after registration of the FIR; the counselling provided to the victim; details about her present health and status of medical treatment provided by the district authorities. The Commission while taking a dig at the accused persons called it disgusting to subject a woman to racial discrimination and physical assault. Furthermore, the Commission highlighted that the Police have failed to do justice with the situation and take the necessary actions; leaving the girl in the tragic situation.

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