Karnataka State Government Introduces SANKALP for Coordination between State & NGOs

On March 30, a division bench of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice B V Nagarathna suggested that the government should coordinate with the NGOs. Consequently, the State Government informed the Karnataka High Court about an internet portal called SANKALP.  Firstly, NGOs and Voluntary organizations can now coordinate activities through the website. Secondly, people who are happy to provide food can upload information on it. Thirdly, the State can too avail the services.


The Court passed an order on April 13, stating the Distribution of food cannot be prevented. In addition, it directed taking precautionary measures. Later, a circular issued on April 15, directed all the Deputy Commissioners to appoint nodal officers at the district level to coordinate with the NGOs. In order to identify a lead NGO to coordinate with the other NGOs. The State Government then issued direction to all the nodal officers to ensure that the NGOs upload their information on the said portal. This will help the Committee at State level to coordinate with the NGOs.

Helpline Numbers, Policy Decisions, et cetera

A grievance made by counsel representing the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA) is that the Hunger Helpline of the Government is not working and is ineffective. The bench said, “The State Government must immediately respond and make the Hunger Helpline effective.” The helpline number is 155214. Policy Decision stated people holding ration Cards will only be provided food. The bench reminded the government that providing food or shelter or both to those who badly need it. It is a task to identify those people who are in need of food. With regard to the hoarding and similar malpractices, steps were taken and monitored continuously. Conclusively if instances of hoarding comes to notice action will be initiated.

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