Delhi Bar Association: Allow Advocates to Commute in Lockdown

The Delhi Bar Association addressed a letter to Delhi Chief Minister and Delhi Police Commissioner. For allowing advocates to commute to their chambers. Given that, Delhi Bar Association assured that advocates will maintain strict social distancing norms while commuting. The letter asks for the issuance of necessary instructions to authorities. Additionally, the letter sought permission to advocates to commute from their residence to offices/chambers on verification of their I-cards.

Evidently, the letter was in reference to the notification regarding relaxed guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. For the reason of containment of the spread of COVID-19. According to the notification, selected activities will be permitted adhering to guidelines on social distancing. Further, in detailed guidelines, the ministry allows self-employed persons such as electricians, plumbers, etc., to do work.

The Delhi Bar Association said, โ€œthe list clearly is only illustrative and not exhaustive. The intention of the notification and relaxation is to permit all the self-employed persons to resume activities, provided the norms of Social Distancing are strictly followedโ€. Association’s president Sanjeev Nasiar, said that Association is of the clear view that the office activities of Advocates limited to their office/chambers can be carried on and continued. Consequently, office activities of lawyers are covered under the relaxed guidelines and ought to be permitted while observing social distancing norms.

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