K.K. Venugopal’s Term as Attorney General Extended Another Year

K.K. Venugopal has accepted the Central Government’s request to remain the Attorney General for another year. The AG’s current term was set to expire on 30th June, which has now been extended another year.

The Man Behind the Veil

K.K. Venugopal is regarded as a highly respected expert in the field of constitutional law. He was appointed the Attorney General on 30th June 2017 as a successor to Mukul Rohatgi. He has defended the Centre in various high profile cases such as Aadhar, Rafale, etc. Furthermore, it is expected that Venugopal’s services are going to gain immense importance in the coming months. He may have an important role to play in the resolution of pressing situations that are hounding our nation.

Presently the country is dealing with serious constitutional issues such as abrogation of J&K special status, validity of Citizenship Amendment Act etc. Moreover, the Royal Government of Bhutan had appointed him to serve as the Constitutional adviser for drafting of the Constitution of Bhutan.

A Man of Many Talents

Apart from his usual set of duties, he has also contributed a lot to the society, in his own way. Venugopal has granted public access to a wide collection of rare books in his library, through a website. Its archives over 570 books, some of which date back to the 17th century. The โ€˜antiquarianโ€™ or rare book collection has been digitally scanned and made available for the public.

The publications cover a wide range of subjects, from religion, mythology and the Vedas, to Indian art and sculpture, historical battles, the British Empire in India and tales of travels across the world. Venugopal has made the website accessible to the public. They can use the information for personal research only, not for commercial purposes.

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