Haryana Government to Grant Passes to Advocates to Commute Amid Lockdown

The Delhi High Court heard a petition concerning the interstate movements of the advocates. The Delhi High Court Bar Association filed the petition. It was with regard to the lawyers living in the Delhi NCR region being given passes. The Advocates in the NCR Region made the request; since they remain unable to access the files, commentaries and documents due to the nationwide lockdown. Taking note of the problem faced by the advocates, the High Court held that the Right to earn a livelihood is a part of Right to Life and Liberty and Freedom to carry out profession. The Court observed that the said rights of the advocates remain at stake.

Accordingly, the Haryana Government responded that it will issue online passes to the advocates. Being that, they can move in and out of Delhi. The passes will be issued on a website within 30 minutes of applying. Furthermore, showing the passes on mobile phones is sufficient.  Noting that, the court directed Uttar Pradesh to place a similar facility for issuing passes. However, the Uttar Pradesh government has sought more time to reply.

Notably, the Supreme Court bar association and local administration of Ghaziabad and Noida have entered some arrangements. The High Court has listed the matter on May 20, 2020, for further proceedings.

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