Fetal Expert to Submit Report on Termination of Foetus with Down Syndrome

A Special leave petition was filed by a thirty-three-year-old pregnant woman before the Supreme Court. The Petition challenged the order passed by Bombay High Court dated May 22, 2020; wherein the Court dismissed the petition. The petition seeks termination of one of the two foetus with down syndrome.

The Supreme Court allowed the petition. Subsequently, it directed the Medical Board of Sir JJ Group of hospitals to add an additional member; who is a well qualified and competent fetal expert. Furthermore, the expert has to report to the court whether such termination will cause a threat to the life of the other one or the life of the mother.

Contentions by the Petitioner

The Petitioner was twenty-two weeks pregnant when the order was passed by the High court. Moreover, two weeks have elapsed after that. The court considered the urgency of the matter; it directed the Medical Board to examine the petitioner at the earliest. Thereafter, it has to place the report before the court by June 13, 2020. The fetal expert is directed to take care of the safety of the mother as well as the other fetus. Also, it has to convey the period when such an abortion will take place. The case is listed for hearing on June 15, 2020.

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