Delhi Police Restricted From Sharing Information Against Delhi Riots Accused

‘Pinjra Tod’ member Devangana Kalita filed a writ of Mandamus before Delhi High Court; under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution. It sought directions from the court to be issued to the Delhi Police; to not to leak any allegations or shreds of evidence against the petitioners to the media. The Petitioner was charged for inducing Delhi Riots.

Thus, the High Court has restrained the Crime Branch of Police from disclosing any information or evidence on social media. The Court directed the DCP of Crime Branch to submit an affidavit; affirming whether or not such information was supplied to any third person. The DCP has to place the affidavit before the court within two weeks. The Single Bench consisted of Justice Vibhu Bakhru.

The petitioner argued that the Crime Branch was selectively leaking information on social media against the petitioner. Being that, such information is selective and misleading. In effect, such information is inducing prejudice in the trial of the petitioners. Moreover, such information can place her and her family at risk. Consequently, the court on considering the facts restricted the Police from disclosing any information concerning the investigation against the accused. The matter will be taken up for hearing on July 9, 2020.

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