CBI Court Staffer Arrested for Raping a Woman Inside Rouse Avenue Court

A staffer of the Delhi’s Special CBI Court at Rouse Avenue, allegedly raped a 38-year-old woman. The supposed sexual assault took place at the court complex on Monday, June 22. While the woman reported the matter on Monday, the police then arrested the accused on the same day. A case was also filed after the medical examination of the survivor.

The case came into light when the woman made a PCR call to IP Estate Police Station on the same day. โ€œIn her complaint, she alleged that he took her inside courtroom number 308 and sexually assaulted her,” said a senior police officer. The accused Court Staffer has been identified as Rajendra Singh, a resident of Kalyanipuri area.

According to several media reports, the complainant was fighting a case in the labour court. Singh, who is a friend of her husband, on the pretext of helping her called her into the courtroom 308. There, he allegedly forced himself upon her.

A case has been registered under IPC Section 376 (rape). A police official said that further probe in the matter was underway. According to a media source, Siddhartha Nanwal, Secretary, Rouse Avenue Bar Association, said, โ€œThe facts of the case are not yet clear. There will be a trial in this case, and the court will decide. If such an incident has happened, then we condemn it.โ€

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2018 annual report,ย 93.9% of the reported cases were committed by someone known to the victim. The key social issues behind the crisis remain unattended and the culture of a sedated justice system remains firmly embedded.

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