Bombay High Court Quotes Tryst With Destiny While Hearing PIL on Issues Surrounding COVID-19

The Bombay High Court while hearing the Public Interest Litigations concerning the state of Public healthcare amid the pandemic in the State of Maharashtra; issued various directions. Thereafter, it advised the state government to increase the budgetary allocation for public healthcare. Notably, the court quoted lines from the iconic Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s speech “Tryst With Destiny” delivered on Independence Day, 1947, “In this material world, tears and suffering would not cease to exist. The work to wipe tears has to go on”.

Moreover, the court emphasized how the people serve society by staying indoors. The Bench consisted of Justices Dipankar Datta and AA Sayed. The Court pressed on rethinking on our lifestyles by maintaining proper hygiene, proper protection, and social distancing.

Concerns Raised by the Petitioners

Following concerns were raised by the petitioners;

  1. There is a failure/ neglect in providing testing facilities to frontline healthcare workers in non-COVID hospitals.
  2. There is a deficiency of Personal Protective equipment in non-COVID hospitals.
  3. No price capping for pathological tests.
  4. Moreover, there are no helplines in the cities other than Bombay.
  5. Unhealthy condition of the quarantine centers.

Court’s Take

The Court opined that the pandemic has resulted in the destabilization of the Indian Economy; secondly, it has wrecked the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in a similar manner. The situation has highlighted the pitiable condition of migrant workers in India. Consequently, the Court held that the country can hardly be a fair and just society in the near future. Citing “Tryst With Destiny“. Furthermore, it expressed that the Country expects ‘Seva’ or service from every citizen; that it does not take much to serve.

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