Supreme Court Exempts Lawyers from Using A4 Sized Paper Amid Lockdown

In view of the nationwide lockdown, the Supreme Court exempted lawyers and petitioners-in-persons from filing petitions and documents on A4 size papers; until June 15, 2020. Earlier, the Supreme Court made it mandatory to file all the documents on A4 size paper. The court had asserted that judicial side filings be done on A4 sized paper, of the prescribed quality; with printing on both sides from April 1 onwards.

However, the Apex Court owing to the difficulties faced by the members of Bar and others, reversed the decision. To avail the exemption, the lawyers or the parties-in-person have to file an application seeking the same. Being that, they have to express the reasons for difficulty in arranging the A4 size sheet in the application.

Recently, the Supreme Court issued a circular concerning the size of paper for filing; stating “The Advocate-on-Record/ Party-in-person may file an application seeking an exemption to use A4 size paper specifying the circumstances to seek such exemption. The said application shall be placed before the Additional Registrar Incharge, Filing Counter, who is empowered to decide the same...”.  However, the cases filed before April 1, 2020, are to be refiled on A4 size or legal paper. Notably, the matters filed through e-filing are not exempted; adherence to paper format is compulsory for them.

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