Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi Funds Mobile Testing Laboratory and PPE Kits

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi helped convert an old bus into Mobile Testing Laboratory for COVID-19. He also funded the acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits for frontline healthcare workers. Additionally, the former Attorney General donated to the PM-CARES fund and other NGOs.

Mr. Rohatgi had asked the Delhi Government as to what help could he provide in these testing times. The Government informed him that testing is extremely essential and needed. Thus, they were converting an old bus into a mobile testing laboratory. The senior advocate was put in touch with the SDM south and DM south. After speaking with them, he decided to fund the conversion. The bus is capable of testing 30-40 people in an area very efficiently. Thus, it can go to clusters and do wholesale testing. It can conduct hundreds of tests daily.

He has also contributed towards the procuring 5000+ PPE kits. The desired facilities will receive the kits in one or two days. Mr. Rohatgi has called upon his fellow lawyers to come out as warriors on the frontline. He asked them to do whatever they can in their own way. He is of the view that since the legal fraternity earns from the community; it must do everything its capacity to help out during times of need.

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