SC Hears Petition on Food Supply of Zoological Parks Amid Lockdown

The Supreme Court heard a petition today i.e. 07.04.2020 on issues concerning the food supply of zoological parks during the nationwide lockdown. Animal Rights Activist Sangeeta Dogra had filed the petition before the Supreme Court of India. She claimed that due to the shutting down of slaughterhouses, the animals in zoo’s are not being adequately fed. She mentioned that zoological parks obtain food from slaughterhouses outside, they do not slaughter animals inside the zoo premises.

Present during the hearing, Dogra added that a tiger had recently died of COVID-19 in the United States of America, saying that animals can get infected with the virus and transmit it. Responding to the statement, the CJI stated that he is not aware of animals being infected with the coronavirus. 

During the hearing, the Petitioner prayed for in-house doctors and medical treatment for wildlife in the zoological parks. However, the CJI pointed out that the prayer was not sought in the petition and directed Dogra to amend the petition accordingly before the next date. The CJI has listed the matter on 13.04.2020 for further proceedings.

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