Prime Minister of Canada Speaks to PM Modi over COVID-19

In a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his “appreciation” for the help extended by New Delhi; in the process of repatriation of Canadians stranded in India during the Covid-19 pandemic. The two leaders discussed the prevailing global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. They agreed on the importance of global solidarity and coordination, the maintenance of supply chains, and collaborative research activities. PM Modi thanked the Canadian Prime Minister for the assistance and support; extended to the Indian citizens present in Canada, especially Indian students.

Moreover, Prime Minister conveyed the assurance that India’s productive capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector; would remain available for assisting the citizens of the world, including those of Canada, to the best of India’s abilities. The two leaders agreed that the partnership between India and Canada could contribute meaningfully to the global effort to fight the pandemic, especially through collaboration in research and technology aimed at finding a vaccine or therapeutic solutions to COVID-19.

Over three lakh Indians, including nearly two lakh students, are in Canada at this time, and the Indian Government; through its High Commission and Consulates, has been working with the Federal Government as well as provinces and universities to ensure their well-being. Meanwhile, nearly 40,000 Canadians were similarly situated in India; and New Delhi has helped facilitate 14 special flights so far, the latest of which departed from Kolkata. This flight was to fly from east India.

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