Press Council of India Seeks Governmental Support for Journalists with COVID-19

The Press Council of India urges the Government to mitigate the hardship of the journalists who contracted the COVID-19 virus. They expressed concern over a large number of journalists who contracted COVID-19 while on-call duty. On April 16 and April 17, Special Camps organized at Azad Maidan. For the purpose of examining for COVID-19 of journalists, photographers, cameraman, etc. The Press Council of India disheartened to hear the news of  53 journalists contracted the COVID-19 virus amongst the 171.

The Press Council of India pleads to the Government and all other authorities to help the journalists who have contracted the virus. While reporting on the pandemic from the containment Zone, hotspots, and other COVID affected areas. Moreover, the media people desire for medical help along with support to reduce their misery. However, media persons also advised to take health precautions while performing their duties.

Earlier the PCI had expressed their concern with the Government of Maharashtra. In regards to the prohibition of newspapers in Mumbai and Pune. PCI took suo-moto cognizance. Hence a notice for comments issued to the Chief Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra. Further, in view of their vulnerability, the management of media/publication houses need to take necessary steps to ensure their care.

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