Plea Filed Against ‘Pick and Choose’ Policy of Registry Officers Before the Supreme Court

Advocate Reepak Kansal has filed a Public interest litigation before the Supreme Court. The plea sought directions from the court for impartiality and equal treatment in the matters of listing cases. The registry must resfrain from adopting ‘pick and choose’ policy.ย  Moreover, petitioner emphasised on the intervention of the Court to dissuade the registry eco-system from discriminating and humiliating litigants.

Contentions by the Petitioner

Petitioner argued that the registry officers give preference to some law firms and influential advocates; for the reasons best known to them. Notably, this pick and choose policy is discriminatory and does not provide equal opportunity to seek justice. Moreover, the Petitioner stated his personal experience concerning the same; whereby his letters of urgency fell on deaf ears. Furthermore, he highlighted the lack of grievance redressal mechanism to deal with complaints against registry. Prior to this, the Petitioner complained to the Secretary General of the top Court.

The plea also referred to the circular issued by the President of Supreme Court Bar Association. To elaborate, the circular highlights the problems faced by the members due to lack of assistance by the registry. Thus, he prayed the court to issue directions; to restrain the registry to point out unnecessary defects in case of ordinary advocates and refund the excess fee charged from them.

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