PIL in SC Seeks Refund of Cancelled Air Tickets Amid Lockdown

‘Pravasi Legal Cell’ through its secretary Bins Sebastian filed PIL in the Supreme Court. The PIL seeks directions to the Centre and the DGCA to ask airlines to refund the full amount of the tickets of flights cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The petitioner pleads for a declaration on the action of the airlines of not refunding the entire value of cancelled air tickets. Explicitly, the declaration terming the action ‘illegal‘ and violative of the Civil Aviation Requirement. The requirement issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

The petition also states that the direction of the Government violates fundamental rights guaranteed under the constitution. The Memorandum states refunding in full. However, for only those who booked tickets during the lockdown. Leaving out those who booked tickets prior to the lockdown, even though flights stand cancelled. For this reason, the petitioner says the memorandum violates the principle of equality. Accordingly, he contends that there was no question of anyone booking a ticket during the lockdown; knowing that scheduled passenger flights stand cancelled. Thus, making the Memorandum devoid of any logic.

Sebastian accuses the Airline Companies of being opportunistic in hard and challenging times. He suggests that Airline Companies should practice a more humanitarian approach.

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