No Transparent, Rational Policy to Commute the Registered Migrants: Karnataka HC

Karnataka High Court directs the state government to submit the report concerning the transportation of more than six lakh people. They are yet to reach their respective states; they are registered on the Seva Sindhu portal. The Division Bench consisted of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice BV Nagarathna. The Court has asked the State to justify the manner in which they have chosen the migrants to travel on a particular train. Notably, there is no fair, transparent, and rational policy adopted by the state government in selecting eligible persons for travel.

Karnataka High Court’s Take

The State government also sent SMS to the registered migrants for seeking re-confirmation. However, the said process was not practical, rational, and effective. The Courted noted that the process adopted was much complicated. Prima facie, it seems to exclude a large number of people who have registered on the App. Adding to it, the train which left from Karnataka to Uttar Pradesh had many vacant seats. Thus, evidencing the failure of the State with regard to proper arrangements for the transportation of registered workers. Thus, the Court has sought the procedure through which the Police Department identified the migrant workers living across Banglore City.

On the contrary, the Additional Advocate General, appearing on behalf of the state government, assured the court that the government has no intention to exclude the people registered on the Seva Sindhu App. Furthermore, the government will take immediate steps to communicate assurance to the registered migrants.

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