Need for Ban of Zoom App: Letter-Petition to the CJI

Advocates Sanpreet Singh Ajmani and Aneesh Sharma filed a petition in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter-petition states that ZOOM App โ€” video chatting/conferencing application โ€” should be banned. Explicitly, the app used for multiple purposes such as online classes, online meetings, conferences, and other affiliated purposes. It is unsafe and not encrypted. Particularly, the users of the application are receiving nasty random emails.

The app provides online classes. Which can lead to misuse of data thereby exploiting children by using their videos for illegal and pornographic purposes. As a result, the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde received a Letter Petition. For the reason of the violation of the Fundamental Right to Privacy on account of allowing the use of ZOOM application. Hence, the letter-petition asks to pursue the ban on its download and usage.

Meanwhile, an advisory was issued on April 12, 2020, by the MHA. It stated that Zoom App was not a safe platform. That it is unsafe for government officers / officials for official purposes. The letter-petition brings forth the MHA advisory.

To this end, the letter-petition concludes that as the MHA Advisory cannot be followed by every normal user of the Zoom App. The user’s data is at risk, it results in the violation of the right to privacy at large. Therefore, there is an urgent need to ban the download and use of such a vulnerable application.

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