Ministry External Affairs Launches Brochure To Secure Seat in United Nations Security Council

On June 5th, External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar launched a brochure; outlining India’s priorities for its approaching campaign to secure an elected seat on the United Nations Security Council. Notably, India’s global objective in the United Nations Security Council during its tenure starting next year; will be the achievement of N.O.R.M.S: a New Orientation for a Reformed Multilateral System. India emphasizes on global development addressing climate change and eradicating poverty as central to the planet’s future.

Explicitly, the elections for the 5 non-permanent seats of the United Nations Security Council will take place on June 17, 2020; India being one of the candidates. In addition, India will be standing with no opposition for the Asia Pacific seat; currently held by Indonesia. Consequently approved by the Asia Pacific group in June 2019. If elected this would be India’s eighth term on the UN Security Council. This two-year tenure will start in January 2021.

External Affairs Minister cited to the international context that the Security Council will confront, concerning both new and continuing traditional challenges to international peace and security. Although highlighting that the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a more complex international economic and political environment; by limiting the capacity of States to respond to local, regional, and global challenges.

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