Karnataka High Court Decides To Extend Interim Orders

The Karnataka High Court has decided to extend the interim orders passed by all courts and tribunals in the state. These include the High Court, all the District Courts, Civil Courts, Family Courts, Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals and all the other tribunals in Karnataka. The interim orders are extended till 5th June, 2020. To avail the extension, the orders must be due to expire during the lockdown period till 03.05.2020. Those interim orders which are not of a limited duration and are to operate till further orders will remain unaffected.

The Court earlier ordered for such an extension on 24.03.2020. Due to the 21-day lockdown in the country, the Court had decided that interim orders due to expire within a month would continue to operate for a period of one month from 24.03.2020. In view of the continuation of the lockdown, the Court has extended the one-month period till 05.06.2020.

The Court directs to publish the order on its website. It further directs to send soft copies of the order to all concerned Courts and tribunals; the learned Advocated General, the learned Additional Solicitor General of India and the learned Assistant Solicitor General of India; State Public Prosecutor and Chairman of the Karnataka State Bar Council. The Court requested the Chairman to circulate the order to all the Bar Associations in the State.

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