Karnataka HC to Hear PILs for Trans People & Other Marginal Groups

An intervention application was filed by Centre for Law and Policy Research on behalf of Ondede and Centre for Study of Social Exclusions and Centre for the study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy, NLSUI before the Karnataka HC. The application filed in the on-going PILs, seeks relief for trans people and other vulnerable groups of the society. The Karnataka HC took the application on record on April 03, 2020.

The on-going PILs focused on issues of basic necessities for marginal groups, use of force by the police authorities, shutting down of aangandwadis, etc. Falling in line with these PILs, the intervention application seeking reliefs for trans people and other vulnerable groups prays for free of cost essentials such as ration, medicines and cylinders and waiver of the electricity bill for six months. The plea also seeks free supply of food and other essentials to the slum dwellers and manual scavengers, categorising them as the “most vulnerable groups”.

Considering the PILs, a bench comprising of Chief Justice Abhay S. Oka & J. B.V. Nagarathna had directed the state government on 30.03.2020 to ensure basic needs are provided to the citizens, especially the ones with no ration cards. Thereafter, on 06.04.2020 the state filed its written submissions asserting that the applications and pleas are limiting the functioning of the state government. The state submitted that even though the state has an obligation to cater to all the sections, it cannot be subject to continuous review by citizens through applications filed before the Karnataka HC. For further consideration, the Karnataka HC has listed the batch petitions on 09.04.2020.

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