INTERPOL Releases Guidelines for Law Enforcement Agencies Amid COVID-19

INTERPOL has issued guidelines to help enhance the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the importance of law enforcement agencies in the battle against COVID-19, the guidelines highlight the emerging crimes in the global pandemic. The crimes include intimidation and deliberate dissemination attempts, fraud or phishing, cyber-crime, and counterfeiting.

In line with the best international practices and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, the guidelines aim to help law enforcement agencies formulate effective response strategies. The guidelines issued by INTERPOLย  protect officers and their families while performing duties such as:

  1. Border control and maintaining public order
  2. Assisting national health authorities in identifying cases and their origin
  3. Relaying public health measures to the population
  4. Securing deliveries of medical equipment or transfers of patients.

Additionally, INTERPOL’s specialized crime units will be sharing the latest trends and threats pertaining to COVID-19. The specialized crime units will also ensure that assistance is provided to the law enforcement agencies in the global crisis.

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