Human Rights of Migrants at Stake: NHRC Intervenes

The media reports concerning a mother pulling a suitcase with her small child hung over it, is hitting the headline. The media persons captured the images on Agra highway. The lady was walking all the way from Punjab to Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. In effect, the National Human Rights Commission has taken suo moto cognizance of theses reports. On one hand, the commission appreciated the efforts of Central and State governments in sincerely addressing the issues sprouting up amid the lockdown. While on the other, it highlighted the strange response of the local authorities; who due to lack of vigilance failed to provide immediate relief to the family and others facing similar hardships. As a result,ย  violating the human rights of the migrants, compelling NHRC to intervene.

NHRC’s Take

The Commission issued notices to the Chief Secretaries of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and the District Magistrate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It called for a detailed report within four weeks concerning the matter, along with the action taken against the responsible officials and the relief granted to the victims. It further highlighted that several incidents of miseries to people, especially the vulnerable sections of society, has come into its notice; compelling the commission to intervene to sensitize the state and Central authorities. The governments need to adopt a human-rights-based approach to deal with such situations.

The commission referred to another incident wherein a female migrant labourer delivered her baby on road; continued her journey within two hours after that on way to Madhya Pradesh from Maharashtra. Such incidents put forth the negligence and carelessness of local authorities. No wonder why they doย not bother to come forward to see the reality at the ground.

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