HNLU Extends a Helping Hand to the Migrant Workers Amid COVID Lockdown

The Legal and Social Service Committee of the Hidyatullah National Law University (HNLU) has collaborated with the Centre for Social Justice to extend a helping hand towards the migrant workers. Being that, they are working towards providing relief to the migrant workers from Chattisgarh; in the form of food, shelter, and conveyance to travel back to their home states. A lot of migrant workers are stranded in different parts of the country; due to the lockdown imposed on March 25, 2020.

About the Committee

Under the guidance of the Vice-Chancellor and the faculty coordinator of the Legal and Social Service Committee; a team of eleven members from HNLU was formed. It is working proactively to make its goal a success. The team arranged a database of nearly eight thousand migrant workers and contacted them.

Moreover, they collected all the information required to fill the registration form released by the state government. Furthermore, they informed the migrants about the ‘Special Shramic trains’. The people living far away from railway stations stood commuted to the nearby stations. They further collaborated with local NGO’s and nodal officers to ensure smooth transportation and availability of basic amenities.

The team has helped the people stuck in Bangalore. Their friends in Bangalore carried funding drive. Furthermore, they have arranged pulses, rice, biscuits, and sanitary napkins to provide them relief.

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