Gujarat without a Chief Information Commissioner

Vacant position of Chief Election Commissioner of Gujarat.
Vacant position of Chief Election Commissioner of Gujarat.

The vacant position of the Chief Information Commissioner of Gujarat attracts a PIL. Mr. Balwant Singh, the former Chief Information Commissioner of Gujarat, retired in December 2016 leaving the position vacant till date. The ever increasing number of cases piling up have been a cause of worry which recently led to Mr Chandravadan Druv filing a PIL in the Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat.

The main task of the Chief Information Commissioner is to receive complaints and decide upon the matters obtained by any person. Powers of the Chief Commissioner include ordering any public authority to compensate to the complainant for the loss or damage that has occurred to him. The decision given by the Chief Information Commissioner is binding on appeal and cannot be challenged in any Court of law. The status of chief Information Commissioner is same as that of the election commissioner.

Mr. Chandravadan Druv had concerns related to the transparency of the process of appointment which
is one of the main reasons behind him filing the PIL. He suggested that 10 eligible candidates be shortlisted based on their knowledge and experience following which the appointments should be made. A division bench consisting of Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy and Justice V.M Pancholi is looking
into the matter.

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