Guidelines By MoHFW For Hotels Where Suspects/Confirmed Patients Stayed

The government has laid down guidelines about decontamination of hotels and lodges where the suspect or confirmed cases of COVID-19 have housed. According to an advisory by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The Ministry of Tourism uploaded the guidelines on its official site.

About COVID-19

As a matter of fact, the causative agent for COVID-19 is an enveloped RNA virus. To explain, coronavirus can be transmitted through respiratory water droplets and coming in close contact with an infected person among other ways.

The Guidelines provided for the Hotels’ Staff

  1. Should know about hygiene techniques
  2. Follow protocols if a person shows symptoms
  3. Ask guests about travel history
  4. Advise them to observe personal hygiene
  5. Provide 70% alcohol-based hand rub at public places
  6. Provide masks if guests show respiratory symptoms
  7. Advise guests to stay in the room if unwell, and to maintain social distancing
  8. Arrange for medical help or ambulances for sick patients
  9. Relocate unaffected patients to other rooms of the hotels
  10. Clean premises using water and detergents containing anti-microbial properties or sodium hypochlorite

Directions regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. Wear disposable gloves, long-sleeved gowns eye goggles or face shield with N95 face mask
  2. Avoid touching eyes or face
  3. Discard PPE after cleaning
  4. Wash hands immediately after cleaning
  5. Be aware of the symptoms and if symptoms appear to refer to a medical health facility

Guidelines- Cleaning After Every Six Hours

  1. Clean air conditioning system every week
  2. Switch off air conditioning where a patient is a suspect
  3. Discard cleaning material made of cloth
  4. Disinfect cleaning materials and buckets

Further guidelines include directions for cleaning lodging areas and toilets, the items to be used and the procedure to be followed. Additionally, the supplements to the guidelines contain informative charts showing steps of washing hands. And how to maintain respiratory hygiene and guidelines for using a mask.

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