Former CM of Andhra Pradesh Takes a Dig at the Current State Government

Telugu Desam Party President and former Chief Minister Chandraprabhu Naidu while taking a dig at Andhra Pradesh government, accused it of facilitating the sale of liquor over farm produce. Expressing his concern for the farmers, he claimed that the Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government failed to show their concern for the farmers. The government of Andhra Pradesh has failed to make provisions for facilitating the sale of farm produce. Such provisions include the sale of farm produce at remunerative prices in the market. These provisions are very important at these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ironically, no such efforts are evident in the government’s actions.

Contentions in the Statement

A large number of farmers are already facing financial hardships due to the nationwide lockdown. They can only earn a living by selling their produce. The TDP Chief Chandraprabhu Naidu also contended that many farmers abandoned their harvested vegetables. The incident took place at Gollapali Village in Kadapa District. This was on account of the lack of marketing facilities. The farmers toiled hard to cultivate their produce. Being that, it was painful that the farmers, out of frustration, had to abandon their produce in the middle of the road. Naidu termed it, an atrocity on the part of the government.

This statement comes following the government lifting all the restrictions for selling liquor on May 4, 2020; While at the same time, the government has not extended any relaxations for enabling the farmers to sell their produce. One cannot help but wonder about the priorities of the state government?

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