Following a Suicide, Orissa High Court Orders Regulation of Content on Tik Tok

The Orissa High Court observed that Tik Tok Mobile application is to be properly regulated. The bench comprised of Justice SK Panigrahi. The bench opined that “the application demonstrates a degrading culture and encourage pornography besides causing pedophiles and explicit disturbing content.” Moreover, the management is directed to regulate the app to save the teens from it’s negative impact.

Facts of the case

In this case, deceased’s wife was the accused. She along with the other co-accused posted some intimate and private videos. The deceased committed suicide after seeing those videos. Being that, The accused persons were charged under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code for abetment to suicide. Albeit the Court granted bail to accused yet it noted that Tik Tok creates negative effect on youth.

Furthermore, the court highlighted the lack of proper laws concerning cyber bullying; the responsibility of the appropriate government to put some fair regulatory burden on those companies which are proliferating on such applications. The Court opined that the investigating officers do have have the right training. They do not understand the nuances of cybercrime. Moreover, the court referred to similar observation made by the Madras High Court. Thereby, issuing a warning to Tik Tok management to filter negative and obscene materials. If it violates the orders, it can amount to contempt of court.

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