Delhi High Court Suspends Summer Break to Bring Normalcy Post COVID-19

The Delhi High Court decided to suspend its summer break this year via a resolution dated 09.04.2020. The summer break of the Delhi High Court extends from June 1 to June 30. However, in light of the prevailing global pandemic, the Delhi High passed the Resolution in order to make up for the loss of time. As per the resolution, the Delhi High Court along with the subordinate Courts will remail fully functional in the entire month of June 2020.

The resolution refers to the impairment of the functioning of the courts amid the pandemic of COVID-19. It recognizes the loss of time and inconvenience caused to the litigants in view of the measures taken to curb the pandemic. All the judges of the Delhi High Court took the decision unanimously to bring about normalcy post the COVID-19 lockdown period at its earliest.

Currently, the court is hearing only extremely urgent matters through video conferencing in view of the nationwide lockdown of 21 days.

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